30 August 2016

July + August 2016: End of School, Latitude + Summer Holidays

I did quite a lot during July as it started to become properly sunny so I could very eventually get my short shorts and sunglasses out, phew. We went to the Lord Mayor's Celebrations in our city and watched the procession and fireworks. I am such a massive fan of fireworks, especially if they are done with music in the background.

We had an induction day at school for all the new kids who'll be starting in September so I had to start realising that I am about to go into my final year of A-levels and that is pretty scary to think about. Also in school, I finished my personal statement thankfully and I am really pleased with it. Hopefully, universities will be just as pleased as me and consider giving me a place.

Me and my dad went to Latitude for the whole weekend again this year and it was amazing. You can see the post about going last year here. We set up our tent on the Friday afternoon and then wandered into the arena.

It was just as good as last year if not better. Some of my real highlights were CHVRCHES, Of Monsters and Men, Rat Boy, Lucius and so much more. We saw loads of bands, comedians and checked out the extra stuff in the other tents, like a Vintage Remix night in the Film and Music tent, and all of the other activities in the woods and for kids.

We had three bought meals while we were there of South Indian dosas and onion bhajis, Greek falafels with all the dips and humus, and Spanish fish cakes with salad and potatoes in a sauce. We had pain au chocolat for breakfast and sandwiches with snacks for lunch.

Altogether I really really enjoyed my time and wish I could be whisked back there to enjoy it more.

Again this year our neighbour lent us her house in the south of France to visit during the summer which is so lucky for us. Travelling down we visited Dijon and then the Alps (because France is so big). Dijon was a lovely little place in the north of France and nice to stay in for one night.

The Alps were my brother's idea because he's wanted to go and see them for ages and hasn't been able to so eventually we went. As mountains they are massive, you wouldn't believe their size, it's really hard to get much perspective on it at all. We stayed in a lovely remote little village at about 1500m altitude without wifi so it was a lovely way to disconnect for a few nights. Even though it did make us realise how much we rely on the internet for finding out things, like the weather or type of animals and birds.

After all this, we eventually made it to the south of France to the village between Narbonne and Perpignan, both of which are some of my favourite cities to visit. We spent a lot of the time at the beach, river swimming, in the swimming pool and visiting cities and markets.

Girona, Spain

A new place we visited this year was Girona in Spain which I really enjoyed. It is a very old city with lots of history and some really artsy shops, galleries and cafes. It did rain after we'd had lunch in a lovely small restaurant which had gorgeous food (I had salad, stuffed peppers, and ice cream) but we tried to not let that spoil it and continue. We walked along their old city wall which gives you a great view of the whole city.

On the way home we camped for a night in Bourges which was a really interesting place because it had a lot of history and old buildings but also really modern expensive shops. It did have a lovely light show at night where you follow the trail of blue lights through the old part of the city and past the cathedral.

The next night we camped in a place called Albert right in the very north of France which is the area of the Battle of the Somme in World War One. The day after we spent looking around at all the World War One memorials, museums and sites which was interesting as I never got to study it at school and I did really enjoy history.

We went on a second little holiday to south Wales once we'd got home and had a few days of rest. We visited my grandma and uncle who live there. It rained a few times but was also sunny on a few days so we got to enjoy a couple of walks in the countryside.

How did everyone spend the summertime?