30 September 2016

September 2016: Year Two + Creativity

EXPERIMENTING with my creativity.
APPLYING to be a part of the Science Festival's Young Communications Team.
RESTARTING school in my second year of A-Levels.
FINISHING my personal statement for university.
REVISING for more progress points (mini exams).
COMING up with a 5 long short list of universities: Surrey, Warwick, Lincoln, UEA, York
MEETING new rainbows who have started in the group.
WRITING some blog posts which I am really proud of: Break Through Your Creative Restrictions and A Rant About the English Education System.
FINDING some amazing creatives and artists in my searching through the internet.
REALISING I actually have real A Level exams at the end of this school year.
FREAKING out that I get to turn 18 in December.
SEEING Sundara Karma live.
FIGURING out where they sell my favourite hot chocolate: Cactus Cafe.
THINKING about Quiet by Susan Cain which I finished reading.
LISTENING to Elle King.
READING The Element by Ken Robinson.
WATCHING Strictly, which has started again yay.

How was your September?