15 September 2016

Squarespace Resources

Admittedly I do currently use Blogger to run my blog on and not Squarespace, and although I think it is a really great platform, I am planning to move over to Squarespace at some point in the future.

Blogger can be a good platform for when you are starting out with your blog because it is free and really simple to use and their are lots of free and paid for designs and ways to make it more professional looking. I simply feel like I've grown on of Blogger because I think that I've utilised it as much as I can so I'm ready for a change.

Because I am considering a move, I'm getting extra prepared and looking up loads of useful resources and information all about Squarespace, so I thought I'd share what I'd found with you.

Praise for Squarspace:

How to Move to Squarespace:

Squarespace vs...

Designing in Squarespace:

General Resources:

Who here uses Squarespace?
Do you know of anymore useful resources?