5 October 2016

Finding Creative Inspiration | October Link Up

I find creative inspiration in loads of different and unconventional ways. I tend to keep my mind open to all sorts of different ideas and mediums of creativity so as to never restrict myself and my creativity.

Some of my favourite ways to find creative inspiration are scrolling through other blogs and social media sites. This helps to show me what other people are doing online and how I could interpret what they share. Sometimes the things I find give my completely unrelated ideas just because looking has made me think more clearly and focussed on ideas.

Staying open to all possible ideas has definitely helped my to find inspiration for ideas. It helps me to not judge any different art form or creative medium but also helps to show me that nothing is above or below me and my abilities.

I like to disconnect and get out into the world to help me find creative ideas too. This is always highly recommended by anyone with a career or hobby based mainly online because we can spend so much time in our own little internet bubble and forget about the real world. Reconnecting with the real world helps me to think of new ideas, see new things and gain more experiences; these are all so useful for finding creative inspiration.

Personally, I don't have a routine for finding and thinking up creative ideas. This is partly because I like the in-the-moment ideas and inspiration which I get really fired up about and can do so much with. But also because I am currently in my final year of A-levels so studying is generally the focus.

I think that some of my best creative ideas have come from completely random moments of inspiration like when in the shower or on a long walk. These moments are good for allowing my mind to think and open up to ideas because I'm not focussing on any kind of task which requires a lot of thought. I can end up almost with full posts written out in my mind by accident and have to quickly scribble everything down when I can so I don't forget it.

Creative ideas have and always will be what my blog is all about and the way I produce any kind of content that I create. Being able to think up unique and innovative solutions and ideas feels so important to a creative and/or online career which one day, I'd really love to have.

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It is so important for brands and blogs to use creativity because it can help them become a better business or blog but can also help to make those jobs simpler and more fun because they are able to think of the best ways to go about getting their dream life and have thought about what they'd actually like to have as their dream life.

I wrote this post as part of a link-up hosted by Lindsey from White Oak Creative, so I highly recommend checking out the other posts in the link up to find out more about how us creatives find creative inspiration and how you can too.

How do you find creative inspiration?
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