30 October 2016

October 2016: Cold, Bands + Proud Posting

DISCOVERING amazing poets and artists.
WRITING a whole months worth of posts that I am proud to say I have written.
DOING progress points in school.

HEARING mum get excited about how she read through loads of my blog posts and was gushing over them.
FEELING cold all the time.
INTERVIEWING some famous scientists.
LOVING Core 4 and HATING Core 3 in maths.
SEEING bands the Hunna and Twin Atlantic and Sunset Sons (Jessarae + Airways) live.
BEING annoyed by all the rain.
MEETING Airways.
GETTING ill lots.
THINKING about what I might want for my birthday.
GOING to a Lincoln University Open Day.
DRINKING hot chocolate all the time (7 in 7 days, oops).
HAVING my family randomly plan a party for my eighteenth birthday in December.

TAKING part in the science festival in my city in the Young Communications Team on the 25, 26 and 28th October. I had a Journalism/ Blogging/ Social Media training session from Lewis (Culture Works East), David Powles (EDP/ Evening News), and E Gibling and a launch event on the 12th where we met all the kids and adults who would be involved in the team. I worked with people from the forum including Sarah Power, Jayne Evans, Kerry Leathey, and Connie Hodgkinson Lahiff. I collaborated with photographers Becky Moore and Sara Rae for my pieces. I met some famous people including Maddie Moate (science youtuber), Richard Fortey (even my mum knows him), Harriet Mead (artist), Mad Science, and Stephen Ashworth (Kitchen Chemistry). There was another team for radio and video run by Gary Standley and Wendy Witham from BBC Voices and one for photography run by Steve Hunt.

How has your October been?