25 October 2016

Rupi Kaur | Sharing an Open + Honest Message

I discovered the poet and artist Rupi Kaur a few weeks ago through her all too famous Instagram account and I still can't believe that I didn't discover her sooner. Having now got her name, I went on to scroll through her website and social media networks and soon found out that this wasn't actually my first encounter with Rupi.

The first time I interacted with her work is through her photo campaign called Period. The main photo of her lying in bed with stained trousers has been on my feed more times than I can count and I have always felt an appreciation for whoever created the piece for being so open about such a taboo subject.

I also realised while reading some of her poems that I had read her poetry before but just never taken notice of who the author was. They have always been pieces that really resonated with me and that I took to heart a lot of the time, but I never bothered finding out more.

In some ways, I really wish I had tried to discover more about these pieces of art that I kept coming across because I feel like not doing so was doing such a disservice to Rupi as an artist by simply dismissing the work as just a part of my social media feeds. Despite this, I think finding out about her now does feel better.

I am at a point in my life where I am gaining my own voice, trying to show it off to the world and pass on my message with honesty and openness. Finding Rupi now, at the point where I feel ready and mature enough to start doing this, has given me a great boost of inspiration and shown me that what I desire is achievable and having such an honest message can impact people in a good way.

A message to empower women

Rupi has a strong message on feminism and empowering women. This is such an important message at this time because although over the last century feminism has been a big issue internationally, we still haven't got gender equality on the scale we need.

Women are still being discriminated against in society on a daily basis whether it be the views we are taught, sexism within the workplace, in unfair laws, or through different cultures or religions. This isn't right; in this modern era, we should see that everyone is equal regardless of any factor, like religion, race, sexuality, or gender.

Rupi uses her creative direction, writing, and photography to promote the key issues around feminism and women to help to inform people of the issues. Also, this helps to have the issues talked about so that they become less taboo and more part of our normal language so no one is afraid to speak of things that are so natural or are problems for them.

One reason I can see the power and success in her message is that I have been affected by it too. I honestly aspire to be someone who writes and creates while giving out a powerful message to the world to try and change the mindsets of our generation. I want to prove that our generation can do what we want and live the lives we want without hurting the planet or society and in fact helping it and encouraging the world to be a better place to live.

Interviews with Rupi Kaur: