15 October 2016

Satsuki Shibuya | Appreciating the Moment

I recently discovered the works of Satsuki Shibuya through following her social media accounts and later, endlessly scrolling through her blog and art collections. I decided to write this piece as a kind of dedication to her and what she has taught me.

The philosophy of her new book, Moment, and all the painting and prose surrounding it have really inspired me to appreciate and embrace the current moment I am living in. I feel the need to be more present and live in my current situation and surroundings more because every moment of our lives is as important as the last which is as important as the next.

Life in the present

Viewing life in this present way causes me to realise the importance of the mundane, how every day is enough of a day to live our best and most fulfilled lives. Everything in this world and beyond is interconnected in a way that none of us can fully comprehend, so embracing everything fully is our best way to connect with this idea.

I like to think that I am appreciative of the moment.

However, I do realise that I sometimes lose track of this way of life. I don't like to lose track of it because I know how short our lives really are and how quickly time can disappear when we don't focus on the present moment.

I believe too many people in this modern day miss out on so much that life has to offer because they never stop and breathe and just take in the moment. They don't allow themselves to connect with the universe, others and themselves in the way it is so important to connect.

Without connection, there would be no point in having others around us. The ways we relate and communicate with others can determine so much of our lives and of theirs. I can think of many examples where chance encounters between people have meant that both or one of the two have gone away to live a better life as a result.

Inspiring by Satsuki's words and paintings

Satsuki Shibuya has really inspired me to begin living in the moment more and to really embrace the world and all the people on it because what could be more important than that kind of being in life. Showing and giving love to the planet and people seems to me like a really simple but significant way to begin to see change for the better in the world.

The watercolour paintings, a few of which I have featured in this post, look so beautiful: a simple flow of paint and colours which is allowed to be interpreted personally in a way. I think this really shows how art and creativity really do have no boundaries. I love how when people create without restriction or labels, they are able to be free and create how they truly feel they need and want to.

I see this form of creation in the writings of Satsuki too. There is so much elegance and beauty in her words, she seems to pick just the right words to convey her deep message but without going above people's heads and being too in the clouds with her philosophy.

Even when she isn't aiming to write something beautiful, she seems to create a kind of beauty in the everyday sentence too. I feel like this could be because of how she has discovered her whole philosophy and life meaning and caused everything to perfectly align, so she is exactly who she was meant to be.

Do you believe that we should appreciate the moment too?
Who else is in love with Satsuki's paintings and words?