20 October 2016

Self Confidence 101: Me + Society

Self confidence is about "a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgement." Put simply, this is all about how you feel about yourself, your personality, what you are capable of, and how you perceive your world. Having self confidence gives you the capacity to believe in yourself and what you can achieve, which I think is something that everyone should be allowed to have.

Being a modern teenage girl comes with many positives as today's modern society has become a lot more accepting and equal. I understand that in history society has always been much more judgemental and would enforce its standards rather than just putting pressure on some people to change. Even though I know society has come a long way, I know that more can be done to improve future generations experiences.

Now, we have the advantage of mass, global communication with the internet. This has meant that we are able to educate ourselves in who we can become and that it is okay to become whatever we want. It prevents people persuading us that the person we choose to be is wrong or is somehow below other types of people.

In school, we are mostly taught that we can become anything we want and whoever we want. Although as most of you will know, school isn't the best place to express yourself fully and develop into the person you can be for a multitude of reasons.

Despite these positives, as a community, we still haven't managed to find a balance between helping young people to develop their self confidence and preaching about the many different types of people we should all strive to be within certain categories.

Personally, I have struggled with developing self confidence a lot, but I feel like now I am on a path to being fully confident in myself and accepting myself. This is such a good feeling because I know now that I can believe in myself which gives me the power of determination in what I do even when others may not believe in me.

As a teenager, it has taken me a long time to figure out the person I want to be. I know that I still haven't figured everything out but I know whatever I discover I'll be okay with that.

One of the only reasons I have been able to figure out who I am is because I have been given the freedom and opportunities to discover who I could possibly become. My parents have always let me try out different things and spend time in my own little world alone thinking or creating or reading.

I believe this is such an important key to unlocking who you are as a person. Giving yourself time in your own head to think about yourself, or even giving yourself empty time to become bored and suddenly think up ideas, these are ways that we can see into ourselves in a unique way. We are putting ourselves out of the way of judgement and pressure and living how we want to.

Another big reason that I have been able to figure out who I am, is that I have been taught that everything is an option and nothing will be rejected no matter what. I have always learnt that nothing is below or above me and that regardless of who I choose to be, it'll be okay: I'll always be accepted and loved for who I am.

Discovering who I am was my first step to self confidence. It told me who it was I had to try and support and depend on, who it was I would be with my whole life. Therefore whenever I believe truly that I can achieve something because of my self confidence, I won't let anyone get me down or tell me otherwise because I am there to stick up for myself.

Figuring this out is hard. I get that. I just believe that the sooner you discover it, the sooner you'll be able to strive for your dream, paradise life; the one you would choose over everything else.

How do you feel about the way society affects our self confidence?