10 December 2016

Elin Lööw | Embracing Fear

I discovered Elin's blog a while ago and have been falling deeper in love with all of her work ever since. I don't remember when I came across her blog but I am so thankful that I did. Reading through her archive of blog and social media posts has taught me so many lessons which I am so grateful to have learnt.

On the home page of her beautifully designed website, we can straight away learn exactly what her journey as a creative is all about. "Let's create bravely" it shouts colourfully. I love this as it sums up so perfectly exactly what she is all about. The phase also resonates with me a lot because creating and creativity as very important to me, but I don't want to stay exactly as good as I am right now, I want to keep learning and keep developing and breaking through any struggles I encounter to be the best I can be.

Elin is currently creating a course on facing your fears, writing a novel, starting an art shop, and keeping up with her blog. I can't wait for her to be finished with something else, other than blog posts, because I seriously can't get enough of what she creates. I mean, at the end of November I finished reading all of her achive of posts. Because I started following her blog after she started it, I was a little behind, so I spent a few weekends reading through all of the blog posts I had missed. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this.

From a writer to another writer, I would like to say that she is someone who I will forever look up to as a unique and imaginative writer. She manages to write in such a style that I gain to much information and inspiration even though I simply just enjoyed reading the post.

The blog posts Elin writes called Dear Self have to be some of my favourites. She creates a character for each emotion of characteristic of herself and writes it a letter. I have found it really useful and therapeutic to read through these because when you picture your emotions, you can see how they can be separate from you and that they don't have to control you. You can control them, if you want to. Finding this out through Elin's posts has helped me to overcome a lot and start gaining a new healthy mindset on my emotions.

Elin Loow from her website

If I could become a writer with a unique style half as good as Elin Lööw's, I think I would be pretty happy with myself as a writer. I am trying to embrace different techniques and styles in my writing to try and come up with my own unique voice, but it is difficult. However, Elin has given me the confidence to know that if I want this, I will find it eventually.

I want to start embracing fear in my life too, just like Elin.

This year has been her fear year of embracing everything she is scared of and overcoming it meaning she has been able to create some amazing things with her imagination and creativity. I want to be able to do the same. I know I have so much creativity just waiting to be released and given freedom to create, I just need to give myself the space to allow creating.

Hopefully when I have finished my a levels, I will be able to give myself lots of space to create with freedom and without restraints of pressure and perfectionism. I would love to be able to just allow myself a little bit of creative freedom.

Prioritising creativity only came to Elin when she decided to take on her fear year this year. This just shows that giving yourself an aim can help you to achieve a lot because she knew naming her year fear year would mean she had to spend it embracing fear as much as she could.

I'm not really sure what this post was all supposed to be about. I just really appreciate all that Elin has brought to the online world this year and wanted to share my appreciation and her ethos with you all. Hopefully writing this post will also help me to face the fact that I want to embrace my fears too and will mean I call myself out when I avoid doing so.

Some of my favourite blog posts from Elin:
(I want to list so many more posts but we'll be here forever if I try!)

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Do you want to embrace your fears?

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