30 January 2017

Does My One Little Opinion Matter?

Since writing my post about Britain's EU referendum, my essay on the English education system, and about the US presidential election, I've been thinking about the opinions I have and how important one small opinion like mine really is. There always seems to be lots of discussion over what the point in all of us having an opinion is if it isn't even going to make a difference, with other people arguing that everyone has opinions of equal value and different people saying that some people have better opinions.

All this makes for a very confusing environment and odd moral dilemma when you're trying to figure out your own beliefs on matters, which I have been trying to do. You would hope that at some point in our lives someone hands you a lovely simple bullet pointed document with all the different topics and the opinions, facts, truths, arguments, and who supports what. This would be an amazing way to stop people yelling about how they have an opinion but actually not having a clue what it means, or to just simply educate all the curious kids out there who just want to understand this weird world.

This year I have spent some time trying to develop my opinions, educate myself, and grow up in a way that means I can start to act on my opinions in ways that I believe in and that help the cause. I am starting to stand up for myself and what I believe in and make positive steps towards living a life that supports my opinions.

Here are some of the actions I have started to take:

+  I try to buy locally from independent brands.
+  When I went to Latitude I helped pick up recycling for Greenpeace.
+  I am looking a lot into natural and sustainable options for periods.
+  I try to live simply and not waste my time with consumables.
+  I recycle everything I can.
+  I try to educate people on issues that I know a bit about.
+  I want to listen to others when they can educate me on issues.

Personally, I think that my opinions do matter. I think everyone's opinions matter completely equally and that we should respect what everyone chooses to believe as long as this doesn't cause harm to any person or group. We should all have that right to our own free opinion.

But I do think that at the moment something is missing... And I think it is education.

We need to start educating people much more on all different topics that are so important in society today. If we don't start to do this more seriously then we are going to end up with a generation build on their parents old (no offence) and unchanged beliefs. The world is changing and we need to give ourselves an opportunity to change with it.

I want everyone to start being more open and honest about all the different topics and opinions in society today, so that everyone can become a little more educated and informed so that we can all individually form our own opinions.

By helping people to make informed opinions, it would be easier to accept the idea that every one of our opinions matter because we can all understand that everyone has put some thought into their beliefs and understands what they mean. It means that we wouldn't spend lots of time questioning others on their opinions, explaining our own opinions, or simply not trusting that someone is making a good choice for themselves.

I hope that everyone does believe that their opinions matter and that we should help to educate and accept others.

What do you think?