20 February 2017

January + February 2017: Looking to the Future (Unis + A New Year)

CELEBRATED New Years Eve/Day with my mum and brother and lots of balloons being burst every half an hour til midnight.
FEELING cold as the weather gets cooler and it even snowed!
PICKING yet another blog theme that I feel satisfied with for now.
DOING progress point 3 at sixth form.
DISCOVERING some very cool bloggers.
REALISING real A levels are much closer than I think.
THINKING up so many new ideas and projects but having to wait until after A levels to actually do them.
HAVING an overwhelming amount of homework.
GOING to York with my family and staying a night for a university visit day.
CELEBRATING my boyfriend's 18th birthday.
LISTENING to lots of different podcasts.
GOING on a visit day to Surrey University.
SAW Deaf Havana and Dead! live.
WATCHING a great webinar by Melyssa Griffin on mindset shifts.