23 March 2017

My Favourite Travelling Creatives

Recently, I have been very into different creatives who travel (some call themselves digital nomads). This hasn't been an intentional obsession, but more something I suddenly noticed when I brought up all my current favourite blogs on my laptop the other day. So I thought I'd share my favourite travelling creatives and bloggers, and give you my perspective too.

These ideas of travelling around the world; experiencing new places for longer periods of time; sharing your travels online; even carrying your work with you on your travels. These all really inspire me at the moment. I love the inspiration which can be gained from travel and love experiencing new places and finding out all about them. Whenever I go on holiday with my family, I end up so filled with creative ideas from everything which I have seen or experienced and the photos I've taken.

I feel like being able to replicate this feeling, as a whole lifestyle, at least for some period in my life, would definitely be a dream come true, because of filled I am with...


The Haarkon blog is run by a plant-obsessed creative couple, India and Magnus, from Sheffield. On their blog, they share everything related to plants with beautiful pictures and a minimal amount of words, because their posts are more like image essays than word essays. This could involve sharing: travels to plant greenhouses all over the world, tips on caring for your own plants, or just letting us in on house many plants now live in their own home.

Kinlake is a creative design studio and blog run by a digital nomad couple, Linda and David who currently are living in Japan, but as nomads, this changes a lot. They blog about all of the different aspects of their unique lifestyle. From their travels around the globe and their essentialist values to their work and everyday thoughts. I love their design style and the useful topics in their posts which really good guidance for unique lifestyles.

Wayfarer Design Studio is a creative design studio for small businesses run by Abbey who currently, lives in Denmark with my basketball player husband, who is the reason she has a travelling studio. She donates 7% of each project to the Internation Justice Mission and I think straight away this showed me how she cares about more than just her own business mission but about the wider world. Abbey runs a blog alongside her business which is filled with posts on running a small business, the lifestyle she has embraced, and any other insightful thoughts she has.

The Young Adventuress is my final travelling creative for this post. This blog is run by Liz who started travelling alone when she was just 16 and has never lost her adventurous spirit so decided to become a nomad and document all of her travels in this blog. She lives in the South Island of New Zealand at the moment and continues to move and travel and inspire us through her blog. I like the blunt and honest attitude of this blog and how she stays true to herself while still posting useful and inspiring content.

image: Miriam Garcia