5 April 2017

My Goal to Do More + Think Less

Practice what you preach...

I have so many thoughts, ideas, and opinions, but I seldom share them or act on them. I am an introvert so naturally, I struggle to do things which require more confidence or social skills, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to do those things. For my personal growth and improvement, I know that I should aim to expand my comfort zone and take risks.

It is all too easy to fall into a routine of shouting in your head about what you believe or what you want, but if you don't share those thoughts with the rest of the world, then you aren't practising what you believe in and are going to sound like an awful hypocrite when you eventually realise that you haven't made the changes you spent your life believing in. I admire people who manage to do and act for their beliefs because it becomes so obvious that in their own way they are then able to make changes in the world.

This is going to be my goal for this year.

I spend a lot of time on the internet surrounded by what I believe in and causes I support, but I haven't yet actually given my effort, time, or money to any of these causes. I want to become someone who fights for causes in their own way but does spend their time fighting for causes and acting on what they believe in. I don't like to think that if I carry on like this that I won't ever have given my money or time to the causes I believe in.

I know that the way to make changes in the world happen is to act and that by all doing our own small little act we are contributing to the bigger development of our planet for the better. So it seriously is amazing that I haven't actually practised as much as I preach!

I believe in education and equality for many different causes. And this is what I want to act on. I want to post more blog posts with meaning and support with my time and money these charities and organisations who are doing what I believe. Because my own little acts will all add up and my acts along with the rest of the world, will help to make a difference.

So starting from now I am going to do more and think less.

Goals for this year!

+ Support the Goodnewspaper.
+ Volunteer at Latitude festival 2017.
+ Support Weapons of Reason magazine by buying at least one copy.
+ Give to charity or buy from charity shops more often.
+ Buy from local independent stores when I want something to last.
+ Support the Anxy Magazine by buying an issue.
+ Blog more about what I believe in to educate and share.
+ When I want something, think less about the purchase.

In what ways do you want to practise what you preach?

image: Aaron Arogones