9 May 2017

Loving Anxy Magazine

Anxy magazine describes itself as a beautifully designed magazine about our inner worlds. From that, I knew this magazine is what I had always wanted.

As a kid, everyone around me spent so much time reading different pop culture magazines and loving them, but I was never into that kind of magazine but always knew that I wanted to have a magazine to read. I have spent all my childhood searching for a magazine that suited me and eventually in the last couple of years I have discovered a couple of independent music magazines which I pick up in my local record store each month.

These music magazines include Dork, DIY, and Upset; all of which I do really enjoy reading to discover new bands and hear about others opinions on them. However, music isn't the only thing I love.

When I discovered Anxy magazine, I knew it would fill this hole I felt I still had in my magazine consumption. I find it so difficult finding magazines that I love so it was great to find Anxy Magazine and love the content, design and though process of the whole magazine. Especially as I have become so interested in the everyday side of mental health which is their main focus.

I have had lots of different searches to discover more about Anxy Magazine and have found loads of different reviews and interviews which I have loved reading to give me an insight into why they made the magazine and what gap they think they are filling in the magazine market. If you are unsure about buying Anxy Magazine, I would recommend reading some of this material because I think it will persuade you to buy it.

Meet The Artsy Magazine That Will Focus Solely On Mental Illness | The Huffington Post