30 June 2017

May + June 2017

SEEING bands live: Rat Boy, Kooks, High Tyde, Fickle Friends, The Sherlocks, The Selector, The Beat, Nothing But Thieves, Airways, Cortes.
WATCHING a performance about refugees called We Meet In Paradise for the NNF17.
VOTING twice for the first time: local councillor elections and a general election.
GETTING new glasses.
WATCHING Coraline.
WINNING a giveaway from Sian Richardson of Fresh By Sian where I got some beautiful postcards, a book, and a notebook.
LOVING an art exhibition called Rise Up! by David Mabb.
BEING bought a tiny cactus by mum.
HAVING my brother get 3 gold medals in a karate competition.
MAKING food for the Soup Kitchen at Rainbows.
ENJOYING the beautiful sun.
WATCHING and HELPING at Pimp My Barrow 2017.
CELEBRATING two years with my boyfriend.
DOING my A level exams, eek.
CELEBRATING the end of exams with my first night out clubbing.
WINNING a psychology award at the leavers assembly and loving Cartledge's speech about me and my end of year sass and good humour to get me through.
GOING for a meal out with my grandparents to celebrate.
DOING thank you cards for all my favourite sixth form teachers and loving how they reacted.