30 June 2017

May + June 2017

SEEING bands live: Rat Boy, Kooks, High Tyde, Fickle Friends, The Sherlocks, The Selector, The Beat, Nothing But Thieves, Airways, Cortes.
WATCHING a performance about refugees called We Meet In Paradise for the NNF17.
VOTING twice for the first time: local councillor elections and a general election:

When I turned 18 and could be a voting constituent, everyone older than me told me how empowering it would be to be able to put my very own cross in the box on a ballot paper and see how I had influenced a vote for my area. The first time I could vote was for the councillors and I chose to vote for the Green party because I felt that I strongly believed in all of their policies and that they had a good chance of winning a councillor seat where I lived.

Putting my cross in the box next to the Green party candidate for that vote, I hoped would leave me feeling like I had acted with what I believed in and there would be fireworks and celebration. Obviously, it wasn't quite like that, but it did feel good to know that I had used a right that had been given to me by the people of the suffragette movement 100 years ago. I think it is always important to remember with every vote in our country about the history of divisions in the voting system and how until not long ago it would only have been the richest men voting for matters that affect all of us.

There was a snap general election in June decided by Theresa May of the Tory party because she wanted to be able to have a bigger majority to make the UK's process through Brexit a little smoother for herself and her party so they could do it the way they wanted. Thankfully, this did not happen and I believe that is because of the most recent leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, who brought his own beliefs to the table and showed a new perspective and way of life to the younger voters in the country.

In my constituency, the Conservative party won by only 500 votes, which shows that it is possible for Labour to do better and made the Conservative's lose a lot of confidence in themselves as a party. However, after all of this snap election mess, it has meant that the Brexit process has been slow and indecisive about the approach the country should take and what the people really voted for in the referendum last year.
GETTING new glasses.
WATCHING Coraline with Caleb.
WINNING a giveaway from Sian Richardson of Fresh By Sian where I got some beautiful postcards, a book, and a notebook - wow!
LOVING an art exhibition called Rise Up! by David Mabb.
BEING bought a tiny cactus by mum.
HAVING my brother get 3 gold medals in a karate competition.
MAKING food for the Soup Kitchen at Rainbows.
ENJOYING the beautiful sun.
WATCHING and HELPING at Pimp My Barrow 2017.
CELEBRATING two years with my boyfriend.
DOING my A level exams, eek.
CELEBRATING the end of exams with my first night out clubbing.
WINNING a psychology award at the leavers assembly and loving Cartledge's speech about me and my end of year sass and good humour to get me through.
GOING for a meal out with my grandparents to celebrate.
DOING thank you cards for all my favourite sixth form teachers and loving how they reacted.