22 November 2017

Five Magazines I Would Love to Read

I felt like I had been neglecting my blog recently but haven’t been very inspired to write an essay on anything in particular so I thought should share what I have been looking at quite a lot recently which is magazines. I keep looking up different magazines which I might be interested to read because I find it so difficult to find ones in the local corner shop that would really interest me.

Hopefully, there is something here that you might enjoy reading as well and recommend more magazines in the comments below for me to check out.

Lyra describes itself as having a bold feminine perspective on society, politics and the arts which sounds like everything I would be interested in because I don’t like magazines which focus too closely on one specific subject topic. It also looks like it has edgy and unique photography and design within so would be a great magazine to look at too. I like the idea of a feminine perspective because I don’t read too much with this kind of perspective even though I’m a female so I think this would bring new ideas to the way I think about different issues.

I have only very recently discovered Kajet Journal through Stack Magazines and am really intrigued to give this one a go. It is all about Eastern European encounters and hopes to break down stereotypes and misconceptions about the area. I think this sounds good because it will have new perspectives, a variety of writing styles and be informative. I don't know very much about Eastern Europe but would love to know more as I am always curious to find out about countries and cultures.

This one probably doesn’t count because I have already read issues 1, 3 and 4 of this magazine but I can’t wait to read 2 and 5-8 because I think they will be just as brilliant. I love the way they report on general themes with each issue including lots of different perspectives and using great photography and illustration to portray each article. I can’t wait to see what they do with their future issues and to feel to new magazines in my hands.

I am so sad that I have missed out on buying the Mind and Sex issues of this magazine because they look so good with informative articles and photographs to get straight to the point of each topic. I love the sound of some of the articles because they seem to be tackling taboo issues that aren’t talked about widely enough and this is something I am so interested to read about. Hopefully, I will be able to get the upcoming Beauty issue and they will reprint the others.

This is a small publication featuring the poetry of poets from all different backgrounds and fame levels. They select a broad unique theme for each issue and ask for submissions before compiling the magazine. I love the sound of this because I think there would be an amazing variety of talent, interpretation and types of poetry which would really interest me. I would also use it to get ideas for my own poetry and the kinds of things I could write about.

This is a more expensive magazine to the ones I have already listed but it definitely seems worth it. It is a magazine all about mental health and tackling more broadly the mental health that we all experience as a general population. They use long-form journalism and amazing photography to go in-depth on different topics and so far have an issue out themed around anger and an upcoming one on workaholism. I really would love to read this because of my interest in psychology and mental health but also to look at the more basic side rather than neuroses.

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