14 December 2017

How to Make the Most of Each of Your Experiences

This is a mini guide on how to make the most of each of your experiences in life. Whether they are big or small events, adventures or activities, I want to help you and whoever you experience these things with to get the most out of them and have the best possible time.

The Beginning

For too long in my childhood, I spent time arguing and dreading things I would do with my friends or family because I would build each experience up to be this thing that I really didn’t want to do and was determined that I would not enjoy it one bit. This attitude and mindset never meant that I didn’t do these things, it just meant that I would end up making a big fuss (with quite a few tears) and never enjoy what we did as much as I could have done.

Eventually, I learnt that this wasn’t the way I was ever going to make the most of these pretty amazing experiences so I had to change the way I was approaching each activity I was going to do. This change in mindset has done wonders for how much I enjoy the brilliant experiences I have and has improved how even the most nerve-wracking or scary experiences are for me.

I have made this guide to help you in your journey to making the most out of each moment in your life in the hopes that you won’t have to go through what I did to be able to enjoy everything as much as possible.

1 | Accept that you are taking part.

Allow yourself to accept the idea of doing this activity to prevent yourself having a build up of dread and to stop you having unnecessary arguments with anyone attending. This can help you to feel more positive about the event and want to do it.

2 | Plan for most possible scenarios.

If you plan for most of the things that could happen it means you are much less likely to be surprised by something that you weren’t ready or prepared for. This can range from taking a raincoat in case the weather takes a turn for the worse or planning out what you’d do someone threw a new question at you at an interview or how you’d cope if you became embarrassed about an accident.

3 | Believe you will have the best time.

If you don’t make a judgment straight away about whether you will enjoy something you are going to do in the future, then you won’t dread going or be disappointed by it because you will have reduced your expectations and kept the surprise element. I think this is one of my most important tips because your mindset can influence your mood very easily.

4 | Allow room for the spontaneous.

Don’t over plan what you will do or where your adventure will take you. It is good to go with the flow and allow plans to change or alter with how you are feeling and what you are seeing and experiencing in the moment. This means you won’t judge yourself for not fulfilling your whole itinerary and will leave time for the spontaneous.

5 | Take your camera with you everywhere.

You never know what you will see or where you will end up so give yourself the opportunity to use your creativity to take pictures. The best thing about this is that it changes the way you see the world because you are looking with the plan to take pictures which can show you that everything is even more beautiful than you would think.

6 | Leave your online life behind.

Or at least try to. This could mean not taking your phone or laptop somewhere or simply just not logging on to the internet. I find this always feels better than I think it will because it helps me to get back to my authentic self and what I’m really feeling and thinking in that moment without the pressures we face online.

7 | Appreciate that you are here.

Being grateful or appreciative has been found to be an important quality for improved mental health because it makes you focus on the positive things and not dwell on things you may not be able to change. Doing this can also change the way you feel about worse situations because you know you will get through it and be happy that you did.

8 | Be present in the moment.

I love this tip. It is all about having some mindfulness and awareness to simply be where you are at and feeling what your body wants you to feel at that moment. This can be really beneficial because it removes any judgment about your feelings and actions because you are simply being and focussing on what you are currently experiencing.

9 | Laugh about it.

If your experience has ended up being a little bit rubbish you can always joke and laugh about it as something you won’t do again. Same goes for if the experience is amazing, scary, embarrassing or anything at all. Don’t take yourself or what is happening too seriously and just have a laugh.

I hope this little guide was able to shed some light on the ways that I get through experiences now and the ways that you can too. I want everyone to be able to make the most of their lives and be able to look back and say that they don’t have too many things to regret or worry about.

All the best in your ventures,

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