28 February 2018

January + February 2018

Cromer fireworks on new years day with fish and chips and mince pies.

Sixth form alumni event at the school with all my friends with wine and nibbles.

A night out before everyone returned to university.

Short yoga course for free with a lovely teacher and longer sessions - interesting different style of yoga.

Watching Darkest Hour with my grandparents - it was an amazing performance.

Highly Suspect and Welles gig with Harry and Eleanor where I got to stand at the very front.

Breakfast with some friends before our Rainbows session.

Spring King gig with Fizzy Blood and Calva Louise and had fun with Molly.

A night out when Sophie came back from Nottingham for the weekend and we went out with Sam.

Watching Paddington 2 with mum and George - it was a hilarious family film.

Don Broco, Man with a Mission and Yonaka at the LCR with Molly was kind of insane.

Visited Nottingham and York by train by myself from Friday to Monday to visit Cynan, Amy and Sophie in Nottingham and Caleb in York. Went to Rock City in Nottingham and completely loved my time in both places. Sophie introduced me to a Netflix series Atypical which I now love. Caleb introduced me to Black Mirror Netflix series and we watched Corpse Bride. I got a Chinese takeaway with Caleb. I got Sophie a mug, Cynan a notebook, Amy a postcard and for Caleb, I got The Girl On The Train, a Breaking Bad top, a postcard, a NUA magazine and an Upset magazine. Caleb got me a copy of Ruby Tandoh's book Eat Up which is amazing and I love him for it.

We got snow on the 26th and it is still here as we enter March. I got to go and play in the snow making snow angels and having fun with mum and Vicki and the childminding children.

I have been working in the pub-restaurant throughout January and February.

Applied to volunteer at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2018 in May.

Thinking about if I want to go to a music festival this year, for how long and which one.

I got myself online banking.

Have been thinking lots about university and have started collected up things I will need to take and have had a closer look at the accommodation that's available.

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