30 April 2018

March + April 2018

Been on 3 nights out with my friends who are in Norwich and some when they came back from university for the Easter holidays.
Textile takeover dress to protest exhibition of the Castle Museum about women's suffrage.
Had coffee when my mum, gran and great aunt.
Went to my brother's second dan grading in Shotokan karate which he passed.
Went to the speed meet interviews for volunteering with Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2018.
Saw gigs with The Wombats, The Night Cafe, Bloxx, Fickle Friends, Swimming Girls, The Islas, Everything Everything, Skindred, CKY, Danko Jones. I did these with lots of different friends.
Watched Hollie McNish and Deanna Rodger at the Norwich Arts Centre for Women of the World Festival 2018. They were completely brilliant.
Visited Mamgu in Wales over the Easter holidays.
Had a chinese takeaway to celebrate my mum's birthday in April.
Went to a training for Norfolk and Norwich Festival.
Started using a reusable coffee cup for my tea and hot chocolate when I'm out and about.
Began using Ecosia instead of Google.
Am beginning to think a lot more about being green and what I can do to do my bit to help the planet.

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