13 May 2018

A (Small) Plan to Save the Planet

I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about how the way I live affects the planet and what I can do to try and reduce the effect I’m having on the planet by producing less waste and becoming more sustainable. I watched Blue Planet 2 with David Attenborough avidly last winter along with millions of other people and I became really concerned about the plastic waste in the ocean and also all the other ways we are destroying our planet.

I have decided that I want to start taking some steps towards becoming more ethical, sustainable and zero waste to help the planet but also because some of these are actually better for my own health and wellness. I thought I’d figure out all the things that I’m already doing and all the things I want to start implementing in the near future when I have run out of what I use at the moment or when I feel ready to take the next step.

Things I already do:

  1. Refuse plastic straws
  2. Use a bamboo travel mug
  3. Tote bags (because these are so aesthetically pleasing anyway)
  4. Reusable water bottle
  5. Handkerchiefs
  6. Saying no to free promotional items
  7. Buying Secondhand
  8. Donate unwanted goods to charity
  9. Wash clothes when properly dirty and in a full load
  10. No dishwater and no tumble dryer
  11. Open a window if I’m too hot
  12. Put on more clothes if I’m too cold
  13. Buy electricity and gas from a company that uses 100% renewable electricity and some renewable gas (my parents recently moved to Bulb)
  14. Avoid palm oil in everything I buy
  15. Bar of soap for washing hands and in the shower
  16. Mooncup menstrual cup for my period
  17. LED / low energy lightbulbs
  18. Turn off the water when brushing my teeth
  19. Only buy thoughtfully not impulsively
  20. Have lots of plants to clean the air and because they look lovely and green
  21. Borrow before buying
  22. Have meat-free days
  23. Unplug/turn off lights and electronics when not in use
  24. Buy quality stuff to last from sustainable and ethical brands like clothing
  25. Packed lunch or eating in rather than takeout
  26. Paperless bills and letters
  27. Plastic-free q tips

Things I'm planning to do soon:

  1. Bamboo toothbrush
  2. Solid deodorant bar
  3. Find minimally packaged food
  4. DIY toothpaste
  5. DIY lip balm
  6. DIY body lotion
  7. DIY all-purpose cleaning spray
  8. Unpackaged food
  9. Grey water system in my house
  10. Have vegan days
  11. Shampoo bar
  12. No more kitchen roll or tissues
  13. Bucket in the shower to water plants / for toilet
  14. Don’t wrap presents or wrap them in old paper
  15. Metal safety razor with replaceable razors for shaving
  16. Go wheatless for a day a week (to reduce intensive grain farming)
  17. Compostable scrub/brush instead of a sponge
  18. Loose leaf tea, not teabags
  19. No receipt or have them emailed to me
  20. Converting to a mobile provider who donates to charity (I've found The People's Operator)

I have also been researching so much about alternative products to buy or ways to make my own products and am coming up with loads of interesting information from different bloggers and advice sites. Some of my favourite have included Trash for Tossers, Blue Ollis, The Wasted Blog, Lush, Going Zero Waste, Paris to Go. 

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