30 June 2018

May + June 2018

Voted in the local council elections in May.
Saw gigs of The Marmozets, Black Peaks, Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, Askells, Homeless Gospel Choir, Blossoms, Touts, Fuzzy Sun
Working in the Norfolk and Norwich Festival office in the run up.
Applying for my York University accommodation for next year.
Finished my job in the pub/restaurant.
Watched the NNF18 launch event with Transe Express which was amazing.
Went for a night out for my mates birthday and met up with some other friends.
Watched Pimp My Barrow unfold.

13 May 2018

A (Small) Plan to Save the Planet

I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about how the way I live affects the planet and what I can do to try and reduce the effect I’m having on the planet by producing less waste and becoming more sustainable. I watched Blue Planet 2 with David Attenborough avidly last winter along with millions of other people and I became really concerned about the plastic waste in the ocean and also all the other ways we are destroying our planet.

3 May 2018

Nuclear Power? No Thanks.

Recently, all my family were gathered around the table at my grandma’s house in Maesteg, Wales and were talking about the abundance of renewable energy resources visible in the valley’s - as you do when you’re a family like ours who can’t help but bring some excessive intellect to the dinner table. My brother is currently studying physics GCSE which involves learning about energy resources including nuclear energy which he seems to have been persuaded is the best alternative to non-renewables like coal and gas.

I was shocked that the school had taught him this and so was my dad. We tried explaining exactly why nuclear energy isn’t the answer to helping the world’s energy resources and how using renewable alternatives like wind, solar, tidal, hydroelectric and geothermal were a much better investment for the planet.

30 April 2018

March + April 2018

Been on 3 nights out with my friends who are in Norwich and some when they came back from university for the Easter holidays.
Textile takeover dress to protest exhibition of the Castle Museum about women's suffrage.
Had coffee when my mum, gran and great aunt.
Went to my brother's second dan grading in Shotokan karate which he passed.
Went to the speed meet interviews for volunteering with Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2018.
Saw gigs with The Wombats, The Night Cafe, Bloxx, Fickle Friends, Swimming Girls, The Islas, Everything Everything, Skindred, CKY, Danko Jones. I did these with lots of different friends.
Watched Hollie McNish and Deanna Rodger at the Norwich Arts Centre for Women of the World Festival 2018. They were completely brilliant.
Visited Mamgu in Wales over the Easter holidays.
Had a chinese takeaway to celebrate my mum's birthday in April.
Went to a training for Norfolk and Norwich Festival.
Started using a reusable coffee cup for my tea and hot chocolate when I'm out and about.
Began using Ecosia instead of Google.
Am beginning to think a lot more about being green and what I can do to do my bit to help the planet.

28 February 2018

January + February 2018

Cromer fireworks on new years day with fish and chips and mince pies.

Sixth form alumni event at the school with all my friends with wine and nibbles.

A night out before everyone returned to university.

Short yoga course for free with a lovely teacher and longer sessions - interesting different style of yoga.

11 January 2018

2018 Focus: Self Belief

I have decided that this year I want to make it my aim to start believing in myself more. You may think this is an odd goal, but it definitely isn’t for me and it was surprisingly easy for me to think of as well. And for me, that is always a good sign because I hardly ever have strong gut feelings about things, but this year’s focus of self-belief was certainly one of those gut feelings.

31 December 2017

November + December 2017 | Happy New Year 2018

Finishing the beginners yoga course.
Seeing Murder On The Orient Express at the cinema with my grandparents.
Watching bands live including Wolf Alice, Nothing But Theives, Scouting For Girls.
Celebrating my gran's 75th birthday with a tea party.
Having a Christmas meal with all the childminders.
Going to a Christmas Carol Service at our local Unitarian chapel.
Having two nights out with people who have come back from university.
Celebrating my 19th birthday.
Having Christmas at my Gran's with my Auntie's family.
Going for a holiday in Wales between Christmas and New year's.
Being at home with all my family for new year's.

14 December 2017

How to Make the Most of Each of Your Experiences

This is a mini guide on how to make the most of each of your experiences in life. Whether they are big or small events, adventures or activities, I want to help you and whoever you experience these things with to get the most out of them and have the best possible time.

The Beginning

For too long in my childhood, I spent time arguing and dreading things I would do with my friends or family because I would build each experience up to be this thing that I really didn’t want to do and was determined that I would not enjoy it one bit. This attitude and mindset never meant that I didn’t do these things, it just meant that I would end up making a big fuss (with quite a few tears) and never enjoy what we did as much as I could have done.

22 November 2017

Five Magazines I Would Love to Read

I felt like I had been neglecting my blog recently but haven’t been very inspired to write an essay on anything in particular so I thought should share what I have been looking at quite a lot recently which is magazines. I keep looking up different magazines which I might be interested to read because I find it so difficult to find ones in the local corner shop that would really interest me.

Hopefully, there is something here that you might enjoy reading as well and recommend more magazines in the comments below for me to check out.

7 November 2017

I Wear a White Poppy For Armistice Day

Last year, I became very aware of Remembrance Day, the poppies people were choosing to wear and specifically what each one represented. At this point, I decided to change the way I remembered wars on Armistice Day by wearing a white poppy because I had never worn either poppy before and now realised what they symbolised.