10 October 2017

The News Dilemma + a Good News Revolution

Over this past year or so, I have found it increasingly difficult to keep up to date with the news. This is not because I have been busy or not had the time or wanted to stay uninformed, it is because I find it extremely difficult to watch and read the news when everything on it seems so awful and dire like there are no solutions to any of the problems and struggles in our world and there is pretty much no good news.

4 October 2017

When You Realise You've Fallen in Love | Poem

Your heartbeat escapes its cage
The feeling spreads through your body
A warmth, a calm
Flying high in the sky
Everything is united
All is right with the world

27 September 2017

Why I Am So Enthusiastic About Body Modification

It has been pointed out to me that I talk about body modification a lot of the time. And this only seems weird because I don’t have any tattoos and I only have two piercings on each earlobe and one helix piercing. This shows how for someone who rants about and gets excited about body modification, I really am not very modified at all and don’t know very much about how a lot of it even works, but I have noticed something about why I talk so much about it.

22 September 2017

Current Favourite Tattoo Artists

I have spent a lot of time recently discovering so many amazing and unique tattoo artists on instagram. I am using this to give me lots of different inspiration for the tattoos that I will eventually have on my body. I have found ones from all over the country who use different colour schemes and styles of tattoos and people who even get their own artwork tattooed on themselves.

15 September 2017

Two Global Crises | Poem

I wrote this poem in response to Ken Robinson's book, The Element. I wanted to portray the way he describes our natural resource crisis but also the new crisis which he highlights to do with our human resources. While reading his book, it becomes clear that what he is trying to show how we should all help to get everyone working at their potential and using the skills and talents that they have so that we can utilise our population as effectively as possible. I think this would also help to stem our first global crisis to do with our natural resources.

30 August 2017

July + August 2017

SEEING bands live: Vant, Black Shuk, We'll Be Dectectives:

I have a copy of Vant’s debut album, Dumb Blood, so was looking forward to seeing them play my favourite tracks at the intimate Waterfront Studio. The support acts are both Norwich based and full of energy. Black Shuk, an indie funk rock band, got the early crowd excited first with tracks from their recent EP, Inertia. Lead singer Harry Buxton’s presence on stage helped to engage the audience with a slick confidence throughout their set as they mixed up different genres. We’ll Be Detectives were up next; a more simply defined alternative rock band. Even with a quieter stage presence, they were successful in rocking the packed venue with songs like Somebody and Better Than Me.

As soon as Vant entered the room, the full studio seemed to erupt, ready for an energetic experience from the punk rock band. Mattie Vant, the band’s frontman, kept the crowd interested with a heavy beat to move to and strong political themes with songs like Peace & Love and Birth Certificate. After the last song, the crowd pleaded and chanted “one more song”, making Vant give us a final number; the room dancing and cheering to thank the band for a brilliant gig.
HELPING out with a Rainbow sleepover and Brownie bowling trip.
GOING to work with mum at toddler group and the childminders.
CLEANING out my Caleb's room with him so it was tidy for him to move out.
SORTING out my room.
VISITING the south of France and Spain on holiday.
GOING to Wales to visit family.
VOLUNTEERING at Latitude with Caleb.
CELEBRATING finishing A levels and getting my results of ABB:

On the day of A level results, I went to sixth form at 9am to go and collect my results where I ended up bumping into my photographer friend who was there to photograph all of us finding out our A level results. When I opened my envelope, I found I had got an A in Maths, a B in Psychology and a B in Biology, wow! I also looked on UCAS Track at this point to find that I had got into the University of York to study Psychology in September 2018, even though I had missed out on the A in Psychology! I then spent a lot of time at school watching others open envelopes, celebrating the results they had got, and chatting about the university places they had achieved. 

In the evening of results day, I met up with some of my friends to go drinking and clubbing. This was only the second time I had been clubbing and we were going to a club that I hadn’t been to before because they had a special results day event for us students. I really really enjoyed spending time with all of these friends and celebrating our results together by having fun and dressing up a little.
REALISING I am actually going to York University next September.
APPLYING for jobs and volunteering and getting a DBS so I can help at a childminder's.
GETTING very interested in Tarot reading with the Labyrinthos Academy apps:

Only about a week ago, I discovered the set of apps by Labyrinthos Academy all to do with reading Tarot. I read about how the creator of Labyrinthos herself found using Tarot improved her wellbeing and she was able to get a clearer picture of where she had been and where she was headed using the Tarot cards. I have become very very interested in Tarot now I have discovered it and had found that being able to start my day by asking the Tarot cards a question and thinking deeply about the answer I receive helps to ground me and refresh myself for a new day.

I can't wait to own a set of Tarot cards or maybe three; I think it will just take me a while to decide which set to start with so it is good I can practise without using cards with the Labyrinthos apps first. I have found some beautiful sets of Tarot cards on the Labyrinthos store, at Two Sides Tarot and at Spirit Seeker. I have also been using Biddy Tarot and the Labyrinthos blog to help me learn more about how the Tarot practice works and the multitude of ways I can use it.
STARTING to do some yoga using YouTube and Asana Rebel:

I am beginning to feel to benefits of daily exercise and I am only managing around 20 minutes a day of this yoga but I am starting to feel fitter and manage the exercises with more ease but still be healthy and get out of breath once a day. Me and my mum have also signed up to a yoga class for free which will be running once a week for 8 weeks for an hour so that should help to motivate both of us and to show me what doing it with an actual yoga instructor is like. Hopefully, I'll keep up the good work and my daily exercising.
BREAKING up with Caleb near the beginning of August.

30 June 2017

May + June 2017

SEEING bands live: Rat Boy, Kooks, High Tyde, Fickle Friends, The Sherlocks, The Selector, The Beat, Nothing But Thieves, Airways, Cortes.
WATCHING a performance about refugees called We Meet In Paradise for the NNF17.
VOTING twice for the first time: local councillor elections and a general election:

When I turned 18 and could be a voting constituent, everyone older than me told me how empowering it would be to be able to put my very own cross in the box on a ballot paper and see how I had influenced a vote for my area. The first time I could vote was for the councillors and I chose to vote for the Green party because I felt that I strongly believed in all of their policies and that they had a good chance of winning a councillor seat where I lived.

Putting my cross in the box next to the Green party candidate for that vote, I hoped would leave me feeling like I had acted with what I believed in and there would be fireworks and celebration. Obviously, it wasn't quite like that, but it did feel good to know that I had used a right that had been given to me by the people of the suffragette movement 100 years ago. I think it is always important to remember with every vote in our country about the history of divisions in the voting system and how until not long ago it would only have been the richest men voting for matters that affect all of us.

There was a snap general election in June decided by Theresa May of the Tory party because she wanted to be able to have a bigger majority to make the UK's process through Brexit a little smoother for herself and her party so they could do it the way they wanted. Thankfully, this did not happen and I believe that is because of the most recent leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, who brought his own beliefs to the table and showed a new perspective and way of life to the younger voters in the country.

In my constituency, the Conservative party won by only 500 votes, which shows that it is possible for Labour to do better and made the Conservative's lose a lot of confidence in themselves as a party. However, after all of this snap election mess, it has meant that the Brexit process has been slow and indecisive about the approach the country should take and what the people really voted for in the referendum last year.
GETTING new glasses.
WATCHING Coraline with Caleb.
WINNING a giveaway from Sian Richardson of Fresh By Sian where I got some beautiful postcards, a book, and a notebook - wow!
LOVING an art exhibition called Rise Up! by David Mabb.
BEING bought a tiny cactus by mum.
HAVING my brother get 3 gold medals in a karate competition.
MAKING food for the Soup Kitchen at Rainbows.
ENJOYING the beautiful sun.
WATCHING and HELPING at Pimp My Barrow 2017.
CELEBRATING two years with my boyfriend.
DOING my A level exams, eek.
CELEBRATING the end of exams with my first night out clubbing.
WINNING a psychology award at the leavers assembly and loving Cartledge's speech about me and my end of year sass and good humour to get me through.
GOING for a meal out with my grandparents to celebrate.
DOING thank you cards for all my favourite sixth form teachers and loving how they reacted.

19 May 2017

Feel the Fear... and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway has been the most life enhancing and life-changing book I have ever read.

A bit like a manual for life, the book quickly delves straight into common sense ways for you to stop being so fearful and make yourself happy in your life. The book splits into chapters which begin with the most simple concepts and process to the ideas which help to bring everything together to improve your experience of life. By doing it in this way, Jeffers has made sure that we don't get frightened away in the first pages by the massive but rewarding task of removing fear from our lives.

9 May 2017

Loving Anxy Magazine

Anxy magazine describes itself as a beautifully designed magazine about our inner worlds. From that, I knew this magazine is what I had always wanted.

30 April 2017

March + April 2017

SEEING bands live: Against the Current, Hunger, Crossing the Limits, Mallory Knox, Cabbage, Blossoms, Rory Wynne, Lonely the Brave, Fatherson, White Lies, Anteros, You Me At Six, Tonight Alive, Black Foxxes, Circa Waves, Magic Gang, Inheaven.
HAVING mock exams.
FINDING out when my real A levels exams will be.
DISCOVERING some really cool bloggers and artists.
WISHING I had more time.
LOVING a beautiful art gallery window display near where I live.
CELEBRATING Earth Day, the People's Climate March, and Fashion Revolution Week.
BUYING Weapons of Reason copies!!
READING Nous, Weapons of Reason, and Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.
LOVING spending time with my boyfriend.
REVISING loads and loads and loads.
GETTING the new Circa Waves album on vinyl.
BEING able to wear spring clothes because it has finally warmed up.
TAKING lots of pictures on my way to and from college.
GOING for a walk in the countryside and on the coast.
LEARNING about the development plans for a falling-apart-shopping-centre which I live near.
WATCHING some good films.
ENJOYING a holiday to Swaledale.