15 September 2019

What Going to University is Really Like

In the last week of September 2018, I set off for the University of York on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in the north of England. This meant that I had to move a four-hour drive away from home, leave all of my family and friends behind, and start living independently in student accommodation on campus.

5 September 2019

On the Go | Low Impact Swaps

Some of the first low impact steps I took were really simple and just became a habit so quickly. I am now so used to doing these things that I forget I never did them and that they are even things that other people might want to learn. This just shows how easy it is to get into the routine of doing some of the most eco-friendly things you can do and how simple it can be. 

3 September 2019

Soundtrack | Poem

I love music so being able to make this piece where music became the metaphor but also still stood for so much in and of itself was really cool. Hope you like the poem. Let me know what you think in the comments.

1 September 2019

Why I Became A Vegetarian

There is a simple story to answer this question, and also a much more complex and, let’s be real, interesting story too.

The simple story is that I attended a Youth Strike for Climate in York where I’m attending university with a couple of my friends and we were all struck by the passion and knowledge of the young people there. After hearing speeches from children and grown-ups equally, my friend turned to me and said, “I don’t want to eat meat anymore”. I replied, “I’ll join you.”

5 August 2019

Shampoo Bars | Low Impact Swaps

I have been using shampoo bars now for over a year and to be honest, my hair feels better than ever. The only things I do to my hair are that I wash it with a shampoo bar and comb/brush it daily. I don't use conditioner, a hairdryer, straighteners, styling sprays or creams... It has meant that I have stopped getting split ends, my hair is softer and seems to be able to go longer without a wash and not look awful.

24 March 2019

2019 Focus: Work Hard

I’ve managed to lose my habit of writing even semi-regularly. I don’t like that I’ve got out of the swing of writing because it means that I really struggle to start up again. I keep writing one sentence posts or half starting something and giving up, knowing somehow, that I’m now a quitter. Simply because I haven’t sat down at the keyboard and written for myself in months.

20 December 2018

13 May 2018

A (Small) Plan to Save the Planet

I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about how the way I live affects the planet and what I can do to try and reduce the effect I’m having on the planet by producing less waste and becoming more sustainable. I watched Blue Planet 2 with David Attenborough avidly last winter along with millions of other people and I became really concerned about the plastic waste in the ocean and also all the other ways we are destroying our planet.

3 May 2018

Nuclear Power? No Thanks.

Recently, all my family were gathered around the table at my grandma’s house in Maesteg, Wales and were talking about the abundance of renewable energy resources visible in the valley’s - as you do when you’re a family like ours who can’t help but bring some excessive intellect to the dinner table. My brother is currently studying physics GCSE which involves learning about energy resources including nuclear energy which he seems to have been persuaded is the best alternative to non-renewables like coal and gas.

11 January 2018

2018 Focus: Self Belief

I have decided that this year I want to make it my aim to start believing in myself more. You may think this is an odd goal, but it definitely isn’t for me and it was surprisingly easy for me to think of as well. And for me, that is always a good sign because I hardly ever have strong gut feelings about things, but this year’s focus of self-belief was certainly one of those gut feelings.

31 December 2017

2017 in Months

Finishing the beginners yoga course.
Seeing Murder On The Orient Express at the cinema with my grandparents.
Watching bands live including Wolf Alice, Nothing But Thieves, Scouting For Girls.

14 December 2017

How to Make the Most of Each of Your Experiences

This is a mini guide on how to make the most of each of your experiences in life. Whether they are big or small events, adventures or activities, I want to help you and whoever you experience these things with to get the most out of them and have the best possible time.

22 November 2017

Magazines I Would Love to Read

I felt like I had been neglecting my blog recently but haven’t been very inspired to write an essay on anything in particular so I thought should share what I have been looking at quite a lot recently which is magazines. I keep looking up different magazines which I might be interested to read because I find it so difficult to find ones in the local corner shop that would really interest me.

7 November 2017

I Wear a White Poppy For Armistice Day

Last year, I became very aware of Remembrance Day, the poppies people were choosing to wear and specifically what each one represented. At this point, I decided to change the way I remembered wars on Armistice Day by wearing a white poppy because I had never worn either poppy before and now realised what they symbolised.

24 October 2017

17 October 2017

#3 | I Feel Tired But Proud

These past 10 days have been pretty overloaded.

I have been to a Girlguiding Big Gig, two other gigs, a mini-festival called Cub Fest, an informal job interview, two trial shifts, a new yoga class, a Norwich Science Festival training and shift, plus all of my usual commitments. This has meant that I have ended up pretty exhausted when this moment I was able to stop and actually even think about this TinyLetter and my blog: that is how full-on this week has been.

10 October 2017

#2 | I Feel Nervous

I just landed myself two trial shifts at a bar and restaurant this week. I feel so happy that I have managed to get myself a trial shift and then maybe some work, however, I am extremely nervous and worried about the entire thing. This is because I have never done paid work before.

The News Dilemma + a Good News Revolution

Over this past year or so, I have found it increasingly difficult to keep up to date with the news. This is not because I have been busy or not had the time or wanted to stay uninformed, it is because I find it extremely difficult to watch and read the news when everything on it seems so awful and dire like there are no solutions to any of the problems and struggles in our world and there is pretty much no good news.

4 October 2017

When You Realise You've Fallen in Love | Poem

Your heartbeat escapes its cage
The feeling spreads through your body
A warmth, a calm
Flying high in the sky
Everything is united
All is right with the world

2 October 2017

#1 | I Feel Hopeful at Last

This week I have suddenly had a brilliant confidence boost through a series of thorough emails from someone I aspire to be like and a TinyLetter I received this week, meaning that I finally feel hopeful for my creativity and writing. This explains why I’m even here and writing my very own TinyLetter which currently not even my mother is going to read, but the plan is that some people may discover and read this eventually, hopefully, fingers crossed.

27 September 2017

Why I Am So Enthusiastic About Body Modification

It has been pointed out to me that I talk about body modification a lot of the time. And this only seems weird because I don’t have any tattoos and I only have two piercings on each earlobe and one helix piercing. This shows how for someone who rants about and gets excited about body modification, I really am not very modified at all and don’t know very much about how a lot of it even works, but I have noticed something about why I talk so much about it.

22 September 2017

Favourite Tattoo Artists

I have spent a lot of time recently discovering so many amazing and unique tattoo artists on instagram. I am using this to give me lots of different inspiration for the tattoos that I will eventually have on my body. I have found ones from all over the country who use different colour schemes and styles of tattoos and people who even get their own artwork tattooed on themselves.

15 September 2017

Two Global Crises | Poem

I wrote this poem in response to Ken Robinson's book, The Element. I wanted to portray the way he describes our natural resource crisis but also the new crisis which he highlights to do with our human resources. While reading his book, it becomes clear that what he is trying to show how we should all help to get everyone working at their potential and using the skills and talents that they have so that we can utilise our population as effectively as possible. I think this would also help to stem our first global crisis to do with our natural resources.

19 May 2017

Feel the Fear... and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway has been the most life enhancing and life-changing book I have ever read.

5 April 2017

My Goal to Do More + Think Less

Practice what you preach...

I have so many thoughts, ideas, and opinions, but I seldom share them or act on them. I am an introvert so naturally, I struggle to do things which require more confidence or social skills, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to do those things. For my personal growth and improvement, I know that I should aim to expand my comfort zone and take risks.

23 March 2017

My Favourite Travelling Creatives

Recently, I have been very into different creatives who travel (some call themselves digital nomads). This hasn't been an intentional obsession, but more something I suddenly noticed when I brought up all my current favourite blogs on my laptop the other day. So I thought I'd share my favourite travelling creatives and bloggers, and give you my perspective too.

20 March 2017

The Scary Unknown | Poem

some simple thoughts i wrote about being scared of growing up - having turned 18 only last year - and about how i always struggle to know if im on the right path and if im going to end up where i want without messing up with some of the choices i make.

14 March 2017

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

Mum this week had borrowed another picture book from the library to share with the childminding children she works with and then it appeared on my desk this afternoon for me to return to the library. Being the curious guy I am, I had to give it a little read before I packed it in my bag for tomorrow, and to my surprise, this is exactly the book I needed to fuel my creative life at the moment.

10 March 2017

About a Band | Bring Me the Horizon

Oli Sykes (vocals), Matt Nicholls (drums), Lee Malia (guitar), Matt Kean (bass), Jordan Fish (keyboard)

How did I discover them, have I seen them live, and what is next for them?

10 February 2017

My Current Struggle With Creativity

Since the start of this year, I have felt so much creativity and inspiration come to me but not once have I actually done anything about it or acted on any of these thoughts at all.

30 January 2017

Does My One Little Opinion Matter?

Since writing my post about Britain's EU referendum, my essay on the English education system, and about the US presidential election, I've been thinking about the opinions I have and how important one small opinion like mine really is. There always seems to be lots of discussion over what the point in all of us having an opinion is if it isn't even going to make a difference, with other people arguing that everyone has opinions of equal value and different people saying that some people have better opinions.

10 January 2017

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

I have already praised Rupi Kaur once before on this blog where I wrote about how I admire the open and honest message she shares through her speaking and writing. This was before I even owned her debut poetry collection, Milk and Honey which she initially self published. Milk and Honey was bought for me by my boyfriend for my birthday this year and I am so so pleased he got it for me because it has been something on my list to buy for ages.

1 January 2017

Favourites of 2016

2016 has been a great year for my blog and me. I've developed lots of different opinions and grown as a person and then turned into an 18 year old person, which is crazy. I can't wait for another year even though I know it will be difficult because I have my real A levels next year.

20 December 2016

Everything I Learnt Before I Turned 18

I think I have already mentioned that this year is the year of my 18th birthday, so two days ago, I turned 18. Wow. I have to say that I can't believe I have now been around for a whole 18 years, but it's true. I started the day with a slow morning, opening presents and cards with my family. I got some lovely presents including some gorgeous jewellery, a set of 18 polaroids (one of me for each year of my life), a fancy watch, and a copy of Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.

10 December 2016

Elin Lööw | Embracing Fear

I discovered Elin's blog a while ago and have been falling deeper in love with all of her work ever since. I don't remember when I came across her blog but I am so thankful that I did. Reading through her archive of blog and social media posts has taught me so many lessons which I am so grateful to have learnt.

30 November 2016

2016 in Months

GOING to the Christmas light switch on.
HAVING progress point 2.
BEING so freezing cold.

20 November 2016

The Element by Ken Robinson

During the summer holiday, my mum read The Element by Ken Robinson while I read Quiet by Susan Cain and she spent the whole time pestering me about how good the book was and how much I would love it, so obviously as soon as I had finished Quiet I picked up The Element.

15 November 2016

Norwich Science Festival in 2016 | Articles + Interviews

I wrote these 6 pieces for the science festival held in my city when I was apart of their Young Communications Team. It was a great experience; I got to meet some scientists; I practised interviewing, journalism, and writing; and I was able to build my confidence.

10 November 2016

What Has America Done: US Presidential Election

This post is outside of my schedule and is a bit of a mess. I wrote it when it was published having slept on the result and thought it through, read articles, and discussed others opinions. I wasn't sure how to write about this topic, but I knew that I wanted to share my perspective on something so important to the world, politics, and myself on my blog.