28 August 2020

Is it possible to be low impact on the internet?

a text bubble with a heart inside in neon lights in a completely black background

Is it possible to have no impact on the planet when you are on the internet? Well, the answer it turns out is kind of complicated and basically quite hard to achieve.

21 August 2020

The Planet is Worth Living For

I wanted to write about the best thing my friend told me when you feel kind of existential about life or you feel like fighting to save the planet (and everything on it) is a lost cause. I found it quite hard to write about and I do mention that I have some low points in my life where I could have done with this advice as a disclaimer but the post gets more and more positive throughout. 

7 August 2020

How to Quit Flying

I am going to stop flying. I hope I will never fly again. 

I won't promise it because I don't know what my life is going to look like or how the world may change or goodness knows what else but this is the goal. I want to stop flying in aeroplanes because they are by far the worst mode of transport for the planet that there is. 

30 July 2020

Trying to Prevent the End of the World

I mean, of course, that title is supposed to get your attention. And of course, it may not be completely true. Well, its a lie. The world will never end, the planet, planet earth will go on living forever. 

28 June 2020

I Quit Social Media For a Week

During the lockdown in the UK, I have found myself become slightly addicted to my phone and social media, scrolling through my social media channels endlessly. It has not been great for my mental health. Normally, when I'm busy, I get a lot of value from social media a lot of the time, it is especially helpful for inspiration, keeping up to date with friends and educating myself about my activism.