Blog Design Love

These are the four blogs that I always stay up  to date with no matter what. They are definitely my favourites and they all have gorgeous designs too, although they are all kind of different in what they post about or the business they are for, but they are still my favourite.

Cocorrina is a blog run by Corina along side her design and jewellery businesses. I love her blog, because she is definitely one of my favourite designers, her work is so inspiring and beautiful. Her blog is really minimalistic but has little quirks in too that add something unique. Her posts are always so good, because she tells you something you want to know or that you wanted to know but you didn't realise you did.

Breanna Rose's blog which is run by herself for her design business, is really business, free lance and design related. Her design is lovely and really simple but unique which I love. She writes about all sorts of things but even some of the posts which are just wishlists or personal are still really interesting to read too, even though they aren't my favourite. Her blog is very minimal too, which is so nice, a while back she didn't even have a side bar but added one which is still really minimal.

Design Love Fest is a blog run by Bri, who's a designer and has a photoshop workshop and does various design related things. Her blog is a bit different because it has a grey background, but the while boxes on it contrast so beautifully. It's really something I want to learn to be able to do for a blog design. She writes about loads on her blog, but mostly I love her photos that she takes because she takes so really amazing ones and designs so well.

Holly Marie Designs is one of the first design blogs that I found and I've stuck by it since then. It's run by Holly who is a freelance designer and posts about everything from fashion to branding. Her blog design is really simple and minimal, I like the grey colour theme of it because it makes that blog post images really stand out. Like the other bloggers, she is an outstanding designer too.

Which blog design do you prefer? What are your favourite blog designs?