20 March 2017

The Scary Unknown | Poem

some simple thoughts i wrote about being scared of growing up - having turned 18 only last year - and about how i always struggle to know if im on the right path and if im going to end up where i want without messing up with some of the choices i make.

i dont believe any human can see into the future. sometimes i wish we could just to give myself the reassurance that it all does turn out okay in the end and that persevering will be worth it. but other times i realise that being able to see into the future would ruin all the surprises and mistakes that we are supposed to make on our path so that we can reach our best life.


the scary unknown
why the unknown scares me


a dark forest or cave

there could be something wonderful on the other side
but you'll never know unless you just do it
but its all unknown and its all scary
are any of us even capable of beating that kind of fear
some people can, they take risks all the time
i dont im shy
im not sure if this is the path i am supposed to take
growing up so fast and so many decisions and choices to make
how am i supposed to know which one is right
the unknown is the future and the darkness


the scary unknown

it's a dark forest
with shadowed trunks
and towering trees
it goes on forever
just blackness

what's out there?
is it bad?
is it scary?
will i die?

of course you won't die
how could you
you're too scared to even try
but i want to know

will it hurt me?
is it better than here?
am i meant to go and see?


why i hate choice
ew i dont want to choose

i want everything to go exactly right to be able to just get told this is what to do