26 September 2014

About a Band | The Wombats

The Wombats - Matthew Murphy ( vocals, guitar, keyboards ), Dan Haggis ( drums, keyboards ), Tord Øverland ( bass, guitar, keyboards )

How did I discover them? Have I seen them live? What is next for them?

I found the Wombats because my dad had the first album (The Wombats Present a Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation) and used to play it around the house and I just really loved it. I later bought their second album (The Wombats Present: The Modern Glitch) to see whether I'd still like their music and I did. I love this album even more than their first one. I've haven't seen the band live, but I would definitely go if they did a show nearby.

I think it would be so awesome to see them, especially as I probably know all of the words and could sing along to everything.

They released a new single, Your Body is a Weapon, in 2013 and its been announced that their next studio album will be released at some point in 2014. I'm very excited.

Random fact:

The Wombats are from Liverpool ( UK ) and are an indie rock band ( my favourite ) which started up in 2003. Murph and Dan are both Liverpudlians, but Tord is Norwegian.

Why do I love this band?

I love the Wombats, because they are such a great proper band and all the stuff they produce is all different and unique in some way. The lyrics of their tracks are great and a lot of the time really fun to listen to because they are quirky and have different kinds of themes. I find it so easy to jump up and down and dance to their music and just can't help but sing along with all the songs.

I have basically memorised all of the lyrics of the two albums I own. My favourite tracks include 1996, Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves), Anti-D and Girls/Fast Cars. I don't really know why these ones are my favourite but it probably has something to do with knowing all the words and loving to dance to them and what the songs are actually about too.

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